Beyond Organic

At Silver Creek Farm we practice “Beyond Organic” farming methods. Before we explain what that means, here’s a review.

“Organic farming” means the farm’s crops have not been exposed to any type of artificial fertilizer, herbicides, pesticide or chemical sprayed. Organic does not guarantee that the fruit or vegetable will be any more nutritious or flavorful than a non-organic one. For example, a plant that received no fertilization technically qualifies as “organic” but likely would not be very healthy or bear quality fruit.

Our Beyond Organic process adheres to all organic growing guidelines as far as what we don’t put on our crops or in the soil. It’s the “beyond” part of Beyond Organic that describes the extra good stuff we add.

To grow the best quality, most flavorful produce, we must pay close attention to the health of the soil to make sure we support the specific nutritional requirements of the plant. This occurs through:

  • The proper uses of cover crops in off seasons
  • Custom fertilization that is optimized for the specific soil conditions
  • Monthly nutrient drench to keep soil biology healthy
  • Weekly foliar spray to help plants take up more minerals from the soil

The result is a plant that is healthy, vital, and robust enough to produce high nutrient and Brix* content in our fruits and vegetables. This means you get produce that is bigger, more colorful, and more flavorful than anything you will see at the store.

We think we have some of the finest produce around, but don’t take our word for it, come see for yourself. We think you’ll be one of many who are sold on Beyond Organic as well.


*Brix measures the approximate amount of sugars in fruits and vegetables.  Higher Brix score typically means more flavor.